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I am the CEO/Founder of Chichi Personal Image Development. I am a passionate Los Angeles based image consultant, specializing in personal image. I consult business professionals and entrepreneurs of all industries to perfect the professional and personal image. From streamlining wardrobes and organizing closets to personal color analysis, I transform my clients lives by defining their needs and simplifying  their wardrobe choices. Thus, streamlining the clothing budget and providing a cost-effective solution. 

I achieve 'wardrobe bliss' through: 
-Client Color Analysis
-Clothing Design Line Analysis
-Aesthetic Development
-Closet Auditing/Organization

Within the first 7 seconds of meeting you others make key assumptions about you - based solely on your appearance. Assumptions about:

  • your level of intelligence
  • how much money you have
  • your socio-economic and educational background 
  • your level of trustworthiness 

We’re in control of much of the information we convey via our appearance.  We don’t have to buy into distorted, traditional concepts of beauty; it comes in all colors, shapes, sizes and ages.  Beauty is more intangible; it’s truly about how much confidence, courage, and self-respect you have; and how much you respect and care for others and the world around you.  A big part of that is how well you take care of yourself. Including your appearance. 

External beauty is simply a matter of choosing the right colors and knowing what design lines create visual 'balance' for you.  If you know what colors and styles make you look your best and are clear on what you want your appearance to say about you, then you have the foolproof tools to look your best each and every day. This is where I can help you.

Let Chichi take the guesswork out of shopping and dressing; save time, money and closet space for the rest of your life.  Guarantee yourself the happiness that comes from knowing you look your best all the time.

Chichi is based in Los Angeles, California.