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Before and After

This page is still under construction, but here are a few examples in the meantime...

Well, where to start with these photos...I had fun picking out the dress on the left. Everything that can be wrong for me with a dress was wrong with this one. The design lines: the neckline is too high, short sleeves are wrong on me, the waist isn't defined enough for me, the hemline is too short and the skirt is too wide. Color: the off white background would be ok except that the pattern contains a high-contrast navy blue- too much contrast, and too graphic a print for me. It 'wears' me.  

The dress on the right: The design lines- spagetti straps are perfect for my upper body/shoulders, the lower scoop neck is just right, the defined waist, narrower A line and longer hem work perfectly for me.  The background color is a muted, cool color, the pattern is much softer- you notice 'me' first- not just the dress, as in the one on the left.

The jacket on the left is a very warm color, wrong for me, and the waist isn't defined enough. The one on the right is a more neutral purple, perfect for me, and has a much more defined waist- also perfect for me. 

Oh. The awful suit on the left. Oy, vey. Way too bright for me, and the white shirt right next to my face is hard on my skin tone as well; the jacket is too long for my proportions as well as not having a very defined waist; also the three buttons ending up so high are not ideal for me. The skirt is just too long as well- it ends at the widest part of my leg- a big no-no. The suit on the right is black; much easier color for me to wear, as is the soft pink top. Though you can't see in the photo, the jacket ends at my high hip- better for my proportions, and the waist is nipped in.  The hemline also ends right at my knee, which is a thinner part of my leg. Much more flattering.