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Friday, March 10, 2017

I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet." ~Sarah Jessica Parker

National Clean Out Your Closet Week, Part 2

Now that you’ve designed the perfect closet plan and wardrobe, it’s time to lay the groundwork for it all. While I was researching for this months topic, ‘Clean Out Your Closet’ Week,  I came across  lots of ideas about how to go about this. Most of them have logically fundamental similarities; 

1.Clear the decks for at least a couple of hours- at the same time, plan something nice for afterwards as a reward for all your hard work. For some that might be a lunch with friends, for others it might be a big glass of wine, or a shopping trip, or a movie…now put on some comfy underwear, and outer clothes that are not only comfortable, but easy to pull on and off. You’ll be doing a lot of that in the next hour or three.

2. Have a ‘staging’ area where you’ll put everything you pull out of your wardrobe. Because, yes, you’ll need to take everything- that means each and every little thing, out of your closet. The most logical place is going to be the bed, assuming your wardrobe is in your bedroom. 

How you organize things on the staging area depends on you- do you want to put like with like? Or  organize everything by ’activity’- meaning, work clothes together, exercise clothes together,  etc. Which approach you use may depend on your lifestyle- if you work at home, you may not have enough differences between work and weekend clothes to warrant this separation.  

3. And now that you’ve got everything out, clean it. Vacuum, wipe it down, make any repairs or changes to the layout you want. Do you want to add paint? Or lighting? Now’s the time. This of course may stretch your reorganization out a few days. But again, this will be worth it in the end.  

4. Also, have ultimate ‘destination’ areas designated; be sure to label them as well- or it’s a sure bet you’ll get things mixed up. Trust me on this. They can be a chair for things destined to go to the tailors, a box for things to go in out-of-season storage, a plastic bag for ‘charity’ and another for ‘throw out.’ But here’s where I found one tip that differed from the others that I liked; have a box for things that you know are just not right for you, but for whatever reason, you’re just not ready to part with. Maybe you spent soooo much money on that jacket; maybe those pants represent some long held fantasy…that hat has such strong memories that you can’t let it go. It’s also for those things that are not your size right now- maybe you’ll lose the weight, maybe not. Whatever the reason, these things don’t belong in your closet. Not in the compact, efficient wardrobe you’re creating for yourself. 

4. Now it’s time for the nitty-gritty. You’re going to have to try everything on. Yes, everything. (I did warn you that you’ll need to be in comfy undies and clothes that are easy to pull on and off.) If it doesn’t fit, and can’t be altered, get rid of it. If it’s the wrong color and can’t be dyed, get rid of it. If it’s the wrong design lines and cannot be altered to be the right design lines, get rid of it. If you just. don’t. like. it. GET RID OF IT. Let’s face it- if you don’t like it you’re probably never going to wear it. 

If you know it’s not right for you, why would you give it such prime real estate as your closet??

On the other hand, if it fits, and is the right design lines, and the right color, and you like it- back in your closet it goes!  Only things that meet this criteria belong in your closet. 

5. Now to organize what’s left according to the careful, immaculately designed plan you developed- remember my last blog? Yeah, that plan. Get that out, and see if you can make that plan work. Be open and creative here- you may find that parts of your plan won’t work, and you may figure out better solutions as you go along. Keep it fluid.

Once you’re done and have all the clothes destined for other places put where they need to be, go back in and enjoy the results of all your hard work. Congratulations! You did it!! Don’t you have a reward waiting for you right about now? 

~Learn your color family and design line basics, and ways to explore developing your personal style, and you’ll have the tools to not only look your best each and every day, while also expressing your personal aesthetic. Knowing your colors and design lines also means shopping is vastly simplified, and makes it more likely that what you buy will work seamlessly in your wardrobe, as well as making it easy to streamline your wardrobe. Call today for an appointment!