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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Be Yourself: Everyone Else Is Already Taken" ~Oscar Wilde

Never compare yourself to others- that's a losing battle. It's not WHAT you've got, it's what you DO with what you've got! Celebrate self expression!

Online PR News – 30-December-2015 – Los Angeles – Reality star Kim Zolciak recently tweeted a picture of herself and commented about her thigh gap, boasting that she was ‘born with it.’ The tone of her comments were not a good choice. It’s a nice photo of a beautiful woman, and baiting haters makes her look bad.
It’s never a good idea to brag, because it usually comes across as suggesting superiority over others, which is by it’s nature at the expense of others. In some cases it can telegraph a latent lack of confidence. It also sets you up for a fall if in future you slip and are no longer able to maintain the standard you bragged about.
Remember that if you choose to perceive yourself as being in competition with others, at some point there will inevitably be someone ‘better’ than you, and someone ‘worse’ than you at a given thing. If you compare yourself to others you’ll always find someone that in some way you can feel superior too and someone who makes you feel inferior. Ultimately it benefits no one, and actually harms our relationships with one other.
The only one we should ever compare ourselves to is ourself. Are you better than you were the last time? Have you improved? Do you have a better understanding than before? Then you win, and it’s not at anyone else’s expense. Besides, it’s never, ever about what you’ve got- it’s not important how big or small you are, what color your skin or eyes are, how straight or curly your hair is, etc- it’s not WHAT you’ve got, it’s what you DO with what you’ve got. We cannot effectively compare ourselves to one another because we are all completely different- better to focus on finding ways to enjoy self expression and take pleasure in the self expression of others. In the end, cooperation is so much easier than competition.
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