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Friday, October 3, 2014

A Fashionable Journey

"You can never be overdressed or overeducated."~ Oscar Wilde

I love looking at fashion shows online ( haute couture for the outrageous, fantastical creations, and the ready-to-wear which most of the time I think most people still find too 'outside the box.'  In the midst of my usual befuddlement at the latest shows, I realized I had the perfect topic for my blog. There's a great lesson in all that wonderful absurdity- it's a great example of how to translate your own aesthetic into a wardrobe you'll love. 

Your personal aesthetic is not a static thing- it evolves.  There'll be things you love for a while then don't anymore, and then decide years later that you love them again. There were most likely things you loved when younger that you cringe at the thought of now. There are fashions yet to come that you'll fall in love with. There are things you've probably loved all along and will continue to love your entire life. This is all just human nature. 

I like to be very inclusive with personal aesthetic- I want to include all the things you love, if possible. From the simpler, obvious things like specific colors, textures, design lines and fashion concepts to the more abstract- a place, an ideal, an object.  To me the job is to figure out how to translate what you love into some aspect of your image. Fashion designers like to play with literal or whimsical interpretations that often end up being great art, but essentially not wearable; you can go this route as much as you're comfortable with, or you can break down what you like about it and find a less literal and perhaps less outlandish way to express it. Take your seemingly too-abstract 'like,' figure out what the specific characteristics that you like about it are, then see if there isn't a 'visual' way to express that that would work within your wardrobe. Sometimes it may not lead to anything, sometimes it may lead you to something totally unexpected that you'll love. The interpretation may be so obscure that only you can see it, but you'll be reminded of the original concept every time you put it on.

Seeing as how personal aesthetic is always evolving, this interpretation is also subject to change over time, of course. Finding new ways to visually interpret your aesthetic for your wardrobe should something you can have fun with all your life. And why not? How many other things in life are we able to only consider our own preferences for?

Happy Dressing!