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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Unhappy Feet

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. "~ Marilyn Monroe

I had a look at the ready to wear that went down the runways for this fall. I rarely do this, and never in great depth. And I'm not always sure I have any understanding of what I'm looking at. But one thing became fairly clear.

Shoes this fall are not leaning toward what I'd call 'pretty.' 

I had a look at the department stores and on line sites where I buy shoes- not as much choice as I'd like, and what was there wasn't really that interesting to me. I think this year may be a bit dry for me where buying shoes are concerned. 

Which shows the advantage of my approach to building a wardrobe- you find your colors and your design lines, and within those guidelines you add in your personal aesthetic; then pick and choose what fashion has to offer that fits within that scheme. And when fashion is favoring something that works particularly well for you, BUY. Buy with the thought in mind that when this goes 'out' of fashion you won't find it, or at least not in the variety and quantity available when it's in fashion. 

I should have taken my own advice- when the shoes I like were in fashion I knew I should have been looking, but you know- life got in the way. And now I think that window may be closed. *Sigh*  I like platform stilettos; but the 'pretty' kind- not the ones I think of as big, chunky 'clubbing' styles. But most of what I saw were the latter. At least since what I want is more 'basic' maybe I'll have a better chance of finding them. At some point, anyway.

Until then, I'll keep taking my old ones to my shoe repair guy…learn from my mistake..
Wish me luck..

Happy Dressing!