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Friday, August 8, 2014

Pretty Sleek

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” ~Yves Saint-Laurent

I would be remiss- downright selfish- if I were not to share my latest 'find.' 

I do like to sit and watch endless youtube makeup tutorials. For me it's sort of like the equivalent of sitting down and eating an entire bag of potato chips. One MUA I'm particularly fond of is Petra Kozina. One of her favorite brands seems to be Sleek Makeup,  a European brand. I watch her videos and lust after all the eyeshadow palettes. So one day I looked it up online and found that indeed not only can I order them here in the states, and they're not expensive, nor is the shipping prohibitive. I ordered some of the eyeshadow palettes- $12 for 12 colors- and some of the blushes- 3 colors per compact, at $14 each. 

The palettes are small and slim. As for the eyeshadows, the texture is smooth, color payoff is good, and I haven't seen much fallout. There's a lot of variety in the colors, from softest pastels to brilliant, rich color. I'm very pleased with these little palettes, especially at that price. So much so that I went back and ordered their latest- 'Arabian Nights.' I've been primarily using my Urban Decay 'naked' palettes, but my new Sleek palettes are proving quite the little obsession. Of course, they can all be used together for infinite variety...

The blushes also have a great color payoff- really, really pigmented. So much so that I find I have to apply very carefully. A nice change from dry, dusty colors that no matter how much you put on they don't show up.  Big variety in the colors too. I like that. Lots of colors that will work for women of color, too- seems to me that's not always easy to find.

Next I'm going to order some of their 3 part contour/bronzing palettes. I can't resist, especially at those prices…and they fit in my pro make up kit soooo well. 

And- in case you're wondering- no, I didn't get paid to promote Sleek makeup- I just like the stuff. 

Happy Dressing!