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Friday, August 1, 2014

Individuality Pays

I've gone on before about how great I think thrift shops are for all the standard reasons- 1. if you love clothes but are on a serious budget, thrift shops can be a way to incorporate better quality clothes in your wardrobe. 2. If you want to be 'green,' you're helping cut down on waste by giving clothing a second life instead of buying more new clothing yourself. 3. Maybe like me you just love getting something for (almost) nothing.

But a friend of mine sent me 2 links the other day which redefined how I look at thrift store shopping. I've always been big on the idea of 'reworking' a used garment - take it to the tailors, I say- change the fit, change the hem- make it work for you, I say. 

But there are folks out there doing way, way more creative stuff than I've ever done with my thrift shop treasures. And they post blogs about it, and give explicit directions as to how they did it.  They regularly take sad, dowdy $1 dresses and such that I'd walk by w/out batting an eye and make it into a chic little number. They literally make it into a whole new garment. It's amazing.

If you do any sewing, or have the imagination and a great tailor willing to work with you, take a look at what you can do-

Happy Dressing!