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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sister Christian Revisited

It's only Tuesday night and already this has proven to be a most interesting week.

Last year I was contacted by Marc Tylor Nobleman, author and 'pop culture archeologist' extraordinaire for an interview about an MTV video I was in in 1984- 'Sister Christian' by Night Ranger.  Yes, I was Sister Christian.  Depending on your age, you may remember it.  The interview is part of his series The Girl in the Video 2: MORE original interviews with icons of 1980s MTV  (Click here to see part 1.) (An interesting aside; here's a link to Marc's TED talk about the history of Bill Finger, one of the co-creators of Batman. Link to book here.)

Since Monday morning when my interview was posted, USA Today ran an article titled 'Who's That Girl? Writer locates 80's music video stars, with links to several of the interviews, then the Yahoo Music page posted an article called  Tracking Down Sister Christian After All These Years - which is specifically about yours truly; later that day the story was spotted on Yahoo's home page-

That's the story, right smack-dab in the middle.  (I had to scroll through to find it.)


It's fascinating to read the stories of all these women; Marc is the kind of author who's sincerity and respect for his subject give an unusual depth to the interviews. We're given a view into her world as she experienced it, and in her own words, making her most human and in that sense negating the very genre for which she became famous- the objectified, nameless 'girl-in-the-video.'

What's also interesting to me is seeing how very different we all became. We've all bloomed and blossomed into our unique selves. One thing we have in common is that we're all women of, as they say, 'an interesting age' with widely varying experiences- and stories- to back it up.

I always talk about the importance of expressing your own sense of style in my blog and in my business- on many levels these interviews are a beautiful example of respect and appreciation for the individual aesthetic. The woman I've become looks back fondly on the girl I was in the video- I'm proud of my role in this part of this unique and gorgeous part of America's 'pop' culture- and history.

(Happy sigh.)
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