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Friday, May 23, 2014

Stuck in a Rut

“The only value of wasted time is knowledge.” ~Monica Drake

There's this thing that happens to some of us. 

We grow up, we get busy, we don't go shopping anymore. 

We start a busy career, we have babies, we don't have time for 'frivolities' like that anymore. We're not about superficial things like 'how we look' anymore- we're about what we can accomplish. 

When we were younger we'd go shopping and look at all the pretty colors, all the different styles, try them on, decide what we liked, buy, and change our minds the next week.  We hadn't yet figured out who we are, didn't have a clue what we liked or what we looked good in. But we explored with great enthusiasm. And we bought clothes, and stuffed our cosets and dressers till they burst, and we couldn't find anything anymore...

Now we're all grown up, and have important priorities, and shopping for clothes just isn't important in a grown up life. 

And that, of course, is totally wrong. Every priority you hold and every goal you move toward is helped or hindered by how you look. Period. Because we are a visual species, within the first 7 seconds of laying eyes on someone we make lots of assumptions about them. How intelligent they are, how much money they make, what their socio-economic background is, their trustworthiness, their level of education….so it pays to present yourself in your best light. Always.

One really great part is that now that you're all grown up you know yourself better, so you know what you want and what you like. And if you don't know what designs flatter your proportions (because it's ALL about balancing your proportions, NOT size) or what colors are the most flattering for your skin tone, then get help from a professional, like me. 

And then you know what happens? Armed with all that knowledge, suddenly it all gets easier. The shopping is a breeze- since being all grown up and knowing what you like you know where to shop; when you walk in, you can scan the racks for your colors; after zeroing in on the color you can look for the design lines you need, or garments that can be altered to be the perfect design lines for you. This reduces the hit or miss aspect of shopping profoundly. 

Getting dressed every morning becomes faster and more rewarding, too- since you've spent a little time putting together a functional wardrobe that you love, you'll probably have gotten rid of all that stuff you never ever wear that takes up soooo much space, so now you know everything that's in your streamlined, efficiently organized closet...

Saving your precious time for all those…more important priorities. :-)

Happy Dressing!