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Friday, April 25, 2014

Budding Beauty Hacker

"Never say never, dear. You never know what you can do, should circumstances dictate."~Ellen Hopkins

I decided to research quick, easy and cheap 'beauty hacks.' I seem to have stumbled onto a world unto itself on the net. I love stuff like this. If you really want to be a purist, you can use organic versions of the food items listed here. Keep in mind that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your system. I didn't have as much time as I'd have liked to add to this list, but here's some that I particularly like the look of...

Oldie but goodie- to relieve puffy eyes lay down and put 2 cooled, (caffeinated) tea bags on your eyes for a while- the caffeine increases circulation to your eye area and helps reduce puffiness.

Are your lips dry? Try an all natural lip scrub- coconut oil and sugar. Just put a small amount of sugar in your palm or a bowl, and add a couple of drops of coconut oil- start small with the oil as you can always add more. Make into a paste and gently buff your lips. 

For static electricity in your hair, simply run a dryer sheet over your hair.

Here's one I really want to try as I'm a bit of a slob with mani-pedi's; paint around your nail with Elmers Glue to prevent getting polish on your fingers, and peel off after you're done. No paint on the surrounding skin. 

If you have a powder compact- shadow, blush, face powder, whatever- and it shatters, no need to throw it out.  Crush the rest of the powder, carefully put it all back into the compact, drip some 70% alcohol in it, gently flatten and smooth the surface with a spoon or makeup palette knife, and when dry it'll be as good as new. (Almost.)

Another inexpensive, DIY exfoliation trick- add brown sugar and lemon juice to some honey to make a paste, and use to exfoliate the face or body. 

If you have a pimple, honey can help due to it's antimicrobial properties- dip a clean q-tip in some honey and apply to the pimple; you can either leave it on all night or wash off after 20 minutes.

I found lots more while rummaging around the internet, but some of them sound pretty crazy. Still, it's a fun thing to research…you never know- you may find a natural and inexpensive solution for something that's been bothering you :-)

Happy Dressing!