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Friday, April 18, 2014

Bright Eyes

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”  ~Yves Saint-Laurent

I love eyeshadow. I also love some colors that technically are too bright for my coloring. But I'm not one to let that stop me. 

My eyes are a fairly soft, fairly pale green so as a general rule, if I wear a too bright color next to them all you see is the bright eye shadow. It wears me. This is often the case with women with medium coloring to soft coloring- sometimes they just give up on wearing a 'bright' eye color. But with a few simple tricks, it really is do-able. 

As always, you have to start with your color family- sometimes the color family for your makeup is different than the color family for your clothes, as it is with me. Whichever color family you are with makeup, you stay with the same intensity as you do with your clothes- if you wear muted clothing you'll wear muted makeup, if you wear bright clothing, you'll wear bright(er) makeup. So, if you look your best in muted colors, your 'bright' is going to be considerably softer than someone who looks their best in truly bright colors. Remember, this is about going with a color that YOU consider too bright for you- it's all relative to your coloring- and your taste and personality.

Whatever the coveted color is, put it on your lid. Then in the outer corner you'll put a darker color; this one should be very, very dull- either a very dull version of a color that relates to the 'bright,' and darker than the bright, or just a plain neutral, also darker than the bright. You can also use this same color right in the crease, or a lighter neutral. Whatever you use in the outer corner, be sure to keep the crease color neutral. You can also bring in a 'midtone' shadow above the crease. A mid tone should be just a couple of shades darker than your skin tone, and be very subtle. A mid tone is really about contouring, and also gives you the opportunity to sculpt the eye area and blend everything very nicely. 

The other part of this trick is to blend everything very carefully. You may have to blend more carefully than you normally do because that bright is really gonna stand out. Work those neutrals into the edges, and add more of the bright as you go, if needed. And be sure to use a clean brush to blend, or you might wind up with a mess on your hands. Don't forget that some eyeliner can always make your eye color look brighter, and the whites of your eyes clearer. 

You might be surprised at what works. And you might also be surprised at other directions it takes you in. Most of all, you may finally figure out a way to wear a color you've always wanted to..

Happy Dressing!