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Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Blooms

 "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." ~Theodore Roosevelt

My son, who's in grade school, told me recently he'd had a girlfriend last year. That was the first I'd heard of it- he tends to keep things to himself. 

I should have known something was up, though. Last year for the first time he started getting picky about what he'd wear. Up until then he couldn't have cared less, and honestly would have been perfectly happy going to school in pajamas. 

I guess he got a positive response from this newfound fussiness because it's gotten more pronounced this year; now he has a little collection of sunglasses which he wears with the leather motorcycle jacket that I gave him for Christmas. (His request.) He's quite the stylish little dude now, and is developing the 'tude to go with it. 

As children we often took joy in expressing ourselves through how we dressed- and sometimes our parents would even let us wear our often peculiar creations. 

Then adolescence strikes and suddenly WE MUST LOOK EXACTLY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Finally we settle into young adulthood and we begin to find our individual, creative voice again. 

WIth some of us that enthusiasm dulls a bit as time wears on; maybe we've had kids or have a very demanding career. In short, our priorities change. The normal wear and tear of life. 

But one constant in life is change, and sooner than later you may find yourself at a place in life where you'd like to reassess how you dress, and you now have the time to devote to it . Our tastes change over time, sometimes drastically, sometimes in a more subtle way, so this is always an interesting process. One great thing is that if we do fall into a rut and lose our expressive voice, no matter how old we are or what we're doing in life, we can find our way back to it. We may have limitations due to budget or career needs, but one way or another, there's always some sort of wiggle room. 

There's always room for self expression, and life is a better, brighter place for it. Not just because finding enjoyment in it makes you happier, but because your happiness will show, and potentially make others happy too.

Happy Dressing!