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Friday, February 28, 2014

On Fitting In

"If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor." ~ Albert Einstein

This week I'm going to highlight a most unfair and unfortunate truth about the fit of one's clothes. 

If it's too big it makes you look bigger.

If it's too small it makes you look bigger.

Don't believe it? Go try on a shirt or pair of pants that's clearly too big for you.  Notice that the pants crotch hanging down not only makes your torso look longer, but also makes your legs look shorter. And let's face it- pants that are too big just look…dowdy. Notice how the lack of definition with the top gives you a lovely 'blob' like appearance. Not the look one wants. At least not this one.  Clothes that are too big create additional girth. Most of us don't need that.

I probably don't have to try as hard to convince you that clothes that are too small make you look bigger.  Just squeeze yourself into a skirt or top that's too small- you'll be popping out of the top, and maybe having some lovely 'muffin top' goin' on with the skirt….not to mention how uncomfortable it is as well.

If you're not convinced, just go to a store and pick out a garment a few sizes too small, another one the right size, and a third one a few sizes too big and try them on. You'll see you actually look slimmer and better proportioned with the one that fits the best. Oddly enough, both the too-large and too-small will indeed make you look larger.

So what do you do if you have 'fit issues?' There are a few ways around it. 

It may be that knits are your best friend here- if you start with the best inside and outside design lines for you, and you go for the best quality knit you can find and afford, then not only do you have the best looking fit, but it's probably going to wear better and last longer. Good quality knits tend to 'glide' over your figure better than the cheaper knits. 

There's always the option of avoiding certain styles of garments altogether, or trying them in non-traditional fabrics, if it can be found. Not necessarily the happiest option if it's a garment you'd like to wear, but sometimes it is what it is. 

The last alternative is finding a decent tailor; either to alter garments that you buy so they fit perfectly, or, perhaps to make the difficult-to-fit-garment from scratch. If it's a garment that you particularly want but can't find with a good fit, this may be worth the $$.

So, take THAT, you evil, unfair rule! Ha!

Happy Dressing!