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Friday, February 14, 2014

1+1+1= Infinity

"Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love."~Louis Kahn

Week before last I talked about color and how to find your best ones. Last week I reviewed design lines and how to 'work' them to your advantage. 

The idea behind all this was to reduce your choices to just a handful- to simplify, simplify, simplify- to choose only those colors and design lines that are the absolute best on you. That way, every day you give yourself the very best chance of looking your very best- otherwise it's a haphazard event when you do look good, and the rest of the time you won't look your best, possibly downright bad- all without you really understanding why. Not good. Fewer choices also means you're less likely to be overwhelmed when confronted with a store full of options. You know exactly what works on you, and you also know that anything less is just not worth it. 

Still, you may be looking at what you're left with and feeing a little deprived…have patience, here's where it starts to get fun. This next and last part is where your choices open up to the point of being seemingly infinite.

Let's start with color. You know now what color family you belong to, and whether those colors will look best muted or full intensity, and how much contrast you should wear in a given outfit. So. Where you go from there is up to you- you may choose to mix color in a very traditional way, or perhaps in avant garde way- more unexpected combinations. you may choose to wear one color per outfit and, should you need more contrast, get it with accessories. Maybe your focus really isn't so much on actual color, maybe you're all about interesting texture. The way that makes you happy is the best way to do it. 

On to design lines..Again, you may choose the traditional options, or you may choose to stretch the limits of what works best on you and find the avant garde in it all. And how you put it all together is another avenue for expression as well. You may choose one 'uniform' to wear all the time- one silhouette, or 2 or 3 basic silhouettes. Or you might try to have options in every combination imaginable. Totally up to you.

Odds are there's at least one someone out there who looks best in the same colors and design lines as you-  but I bet if you compared wardrobes you'd never be able to tell. Between choices in color, color mixing, texture, mixing texture, overall style and mixing styles and the various details you choose to add, there's no limit on creativity. 

And as long as you start with your 'rules'- the small handful of colors and design lines that work best on you, really the only failure might be an outfit that you just sorta don't like. And that's easy enough to fix, right?

Happy Dressing!