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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year, New Plan

"I am definitely going to take a course on time management... just as soon as I can work it into my schedule."~Louis E. Boone

Like many, at the beginning of January I get all excited about goals, potential and possibilities for the coming year. 

So the first weekend after New years I made my calendar for the coming year. Last year I read a book called 'Getting Things Done,' by David Allen. Though geared toward the corporate manager, I found much that was helpful to incorporate into my little repertoire of organizational tools. Recently I came across a different style of self-organization- by Leonie Dawson. I'd describe David Allen's approach as being 'left brain,' and Leonie Dawson's as being 'right brained-' more organic as opposed to Allen's linear. Seems to me the things that help us humans stay on top of all our stuff are all sorta similar; I think how it's packaged determines whether or not it makes sense to each of us. I found that each approach helped me understand the other better, if that makes sense.

Last year I made a very pretty little notebook dedicated to planning my wardrobe out a week in advance. I even blogged about it. Was convinced it would work. Pfft. It worked for all of a week. After reading 'Getting Things Done' I had started doing a 'weekly review'; you go over your master list of things to do and plot out what you want to get done in the coming week, among other things. My idea was to do my wardrobe planning at the same time; great idea, but for some reason I never seemed to remember to do it at the time. I guess I never managed to make it part of the routine. Between filling out my son's school schedule on the big calendar, meal planning, grocery-list making, plotting out what to accomplish business-wise, oddly enough the pretty little gold wardrobe-planning notebook just got lost in the shuffle. Most of the time, even if I'd remembered, I'd run out of time. 

This year I'm trying something new. In my 'week at a glance' I've made a small section just for wardrobe for each day. As much as I like planning it out the night before, I'm thinking that planning a week in advance is even better. Some evenings I run out of time or just forget to lay out tomorrows ensemble, and then I have to rush in the morning to get myself together. Which makes me feel frazzled. Not good. With doing it a week ahead I should be able to make sure that everything as it should be well in advance of needing it.

With all that I'd like to accomplish this year it's important that I give myself the the best chance at succeeding- which includes looking my best, of course.

We'll see if and how this works…

Happy New Year, and 
Happy Dressing!