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Friday, January 24, 2014

Hit the Reset Button

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal."~ Hanna More

I'm so very predictable. It's January, so I'm in a tizzy of organization. This year it's taken the form of me creating a morning schedule for myself so I can get more done. Namely, promoting my business. In view of this I'm devoting this blog to a review of what exactly I do for my clients, and why it works. 

There are 3 distinct areas that I work with- first, color. Using photographs I do an analysis of which color family works on my client; warm or cool. Next we see the proper intensity- how bright or muted those colors should be. Lastly, I use the photos to determine how much contrast my client should ideally wear. When you wear colors that don't  flatter your skin tone you wind up looking sort of 'unhealthy.' If you wear the wrong intensity or contrast level you usually look washed out. Proper color family, intensity and contrast level combines to make my client look the absolute healthiest that they can- and that's what looks good.

Next we take a photo of my clients figure, and I do a brief analysis of what design lines work on said figure. There are hundreds of books (that I've found so far) that tell you what works on various 'types' of figures- IMO, this approach has some serious limitations. It fails to take into account how all your various proportions relate to one another- and how your various bits and parts relate to each other is the most important factor in how you're going to look in any design. That's why I do a personalized analysis.

The last part is all about developing personal style. We've all got preferences and favorites, so it's a matter of pulling them into your wardrobe, with respect to what works with your color family, intensity, contrast and design lines.  I help my client get started on this process, but truth is it's an ongoing process- which is a great thing. As I'm fond of pointing out, life is full of disappointments, unpleasantness and limitations placed on us by various circumstances. One area of life where we have opportunity for self expression is through how we dress. Why not take advantage of it?

Next week I'll review color in a little more depth, the week after design lines, and the week after that, I'll go over developing personal style. 

Happy Dressing!