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Friday, November 1, 2013

Beautiful Aspirin...

"Whenever I get a headache I take 2 aspirin and stay away from children like the bottle says."~ Hussein Nishah

I love the week before my period. Such fun. Especially the breakouts. They're the best. Because the bad mood, insomnia and total inability to think or remember ANYTHING just isn't enough. For some reason it's necessary to look like crap, too.

But I'm happy to say I've found another weapon for my anti-zit arsenal. It's called….an aspirin mask. Apparently this is an old and trusted mask, but I'd never heard of it before. (Of course, if you're allergic to aspirin or have reye's syndrome this isn't for you.) 

Yup- that's right- plain, uncoated aspirin. From the $1 store, from the drugstore, whatever. It's cheap and effective. Just google it- and look at for reviews. There's a million of them out there.

Apparently it works because it's acetasalicylic acid, which is chemically like salicylic acid, a very potent BHA -beta hydroxy acid. (I copied that directly from one of the many sites on which I greedily read about this cheapo trick- so don't quote me on that. It just sounded so authoritative I felt compelled to include it.)  Salicylic acid is traditionally used to treat acne. Not only does it work on acne and blackheads, but it's also a gentle peel, so it's quite the all around beauty treatment.

I've read a couple of different 'recipes' for this- either just dissolve a tablet in a drop or two of distilled water (I just used spring water) to make a paste. They say to use 1 for 'spot' treatments, or up to 9 for a full face mask.  Other recipes call for dissolving the aspirin in lemon juice, or witch hazel and adding honey, jojoba oil or yogurt; this helps to 'hold' the aspirin on your face as it dries, and helps prevent your skin from getting dry. I read where one blogger said that said she had success using the aspirin mask in conjunction with Noxzema 2% salicylic acid pads on a daily basis. For some of us that might be too strong- it just depends on how delicate your skin is and how bad your acne is.  If you're really interested in this then do some research of your own, and read what others say about their experiences in combination with their skin type, and use that as your starting point.  Again, you can apply to specific spots, 2x per day to make the offending spots disappear, or use 2, even 3x per week as a full face mask. Or, like me, both a weekly full-face mask and the whenever-needed spot mask.

I'm just so happy to have found such a cheap and effective solution that's so easy to find, too. Viva la cheap facials!!

Happy Dressing!