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Friday, September 20, 2013

All Booked Up

Anyone who's read my blog more than once has quite possibly read how great an idea I think it is to plan in advance what you'll be wearing on a given day. My reasoning is that at the very least, one isn't at one's most alert in the morning and thus perhaps not quite as creative or expressive as later in the day. At the more extreme end, if you have little ones asking 3 million questions per minute and pulling on your pajamas, throwing oatmeal across the kitchen, etc, you probably don't have the time or focus to plan the chic and stunning ensemble you would were things calmer. 

I've blogged at least once about different approaches to wardrobe planning - a day in advance, a week in advance; using a notebook to jot down plans, using photos on cards to put in a file box, etc. This past summer I went through my closet and purged my old, worn out clothes, and stuff that I was sick of or didn't really reflect my style. The plan was to also come up with my own system for wardrobe planning, preferably a week in advance. It didn't happen over the summer- I guess the project just hadn't finished in my subconscious. Anyway- earlier this week my subconscious was apparently finished with it's creative process, and a 'system' popped into the forefront of my awareness, hence this blog. 

I started with a plain notebook. Ok, not so plain- it's gold. So shoot me, I like bling. It's 9" x 7¼- small notebook as I don't need a full size notebook for this. I got out all my paper crafting goodies to do this..

Next I made pages- two for each day. 

On the left page is a page with 2 clear pockets; in the pockets go my little photos (to be taken and assembled this weekend) of each part of my outfit for that day- say, dress, boots, sweater, jewelry, scarf, etc. I'll keep a small box with index dividers for each category to hold these photos.

The right page is blank, and covered with contact paper (I've developed an irrational love of clear contact paper.)  I can write the date and any notes on the contact paper with a wet erase pen; then for the next week I erase and start all over. How very 'green' of me, eh? I left lots of room on the right side so I can also make notes on any makeup, hairstyles or anything else that should pop into my (arguably eccentric) head as being important for that day. 

I wanted to have it totally done by the time I posted this blog today, but life being what it is with birthday parties, karate belt tests and school bake sales, I just didn't have the time this week. I'm still playing with ideas- ribbon around the page with the pockets, pretty inside paper liner, maybe a ribbon to close the book....who knows.

I do enjoy going over the top with my creative projects...:-)

Happy Dressing!