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Friday, August 2, 2013

Trendy Brenda

"We're so trendy we can't even escape ourselves." ~Kurt Cobain

I was in an odd mood this week, and did something uncharacteristic for this blog; I looked at 'fall 13 fashion trends' on  Maybe this being uncharacteristic of me is wrong seeing as how I'm an image consultant. I probably should be completely aware of each and every trend as they appear on the horizon, but it seems I have a very short attention span. (A little bit OCD, perhaps.) I'm very much interested- no, obsessed- with what I like, and have absolutely no interest and hence no awareness of anything else. What can I say? I am what I am. 

I guess that goes a long way to explaining my approach to personal image- I believe in seeing what each trend has to offer to you, not buying into it regardless of whether or not it suits your personality, aesthetic or body's proportions. I believe in treating each trend as a smorgasbord from which to pick and choose. I'm also not big on the concept of treating fashion as something quite so 'disposable'- I think you should only buy what you love, and wear it till it's worn out or you're sick of it; and if you really love it but are tired of it, just put it away for a while. Then you have the joy of rediscovering it later….

So, the trends I liked were punk (revisited,) a 'neo' noir, an eclectic fur extravaganza, and some lovely menswear inspired duds. 

Say you're a bit ambivalent about a trend and don't want to commit- one option is to use what you already have if possible and add small and/or temporary touches to work the trend; like makeup and costume jewelry, for example. That way you can decide if you like in enough to add it to your wardrobe repertoire on a more permanent basis.

For example; the 'neo' noir look- if you have a pencil skirt you can add high heels, if you have a vintage style top that works, use that- if not, just a basic top. Add some classic jewelry, 40's glamour makeup and a pretty, noir-esqe hair do and you'll be right on trend. 

A punk 'interpretation' relies heavily on makeup. A pale face, usually heavy eye makeup, lipstick and a heavy dose of rebellion with the hair. (W/o the rebellion you're veering into Goth, IMO.) Doc Martins were standard with punk, but lots of different boot styles could work here. Pairing a classic, conservative piece of clothing with something so 'anti-establishment' that it's downright rude is a classic punk statement.

Not sure how to approach the (hopefully faux) fur thing- if you happen to have some, then get it out and wear it with gusto. You could always buy a fur scarf or hat if you don't want to make a huge purchase. It's a little harder to do this one without the investment.

Maybe you're like me and love the whole menswear idea- I love plaids and pinstripes and suchlike. Here's a trend that that relies on some real classics- you can have a few pieces in your wardrobe in basic, classic styles, and they'll never go out of 'fashion.' You can put them away for periods of time to bring out and reinvent anew each time the trend comes around again. You sort of can't go wrong with investing a little bit here- and also keep in mind you may find good quality, classic pieces at thrift shops and consignment stores.  

Also, If you pay attention to the trends and fads that are out there you have the chance to buy the things you love when there's the most variety available.

Happy Dressing!