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Friday, August 23, 2013

No More Granny Flats

"No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly." ~ Oscar Wilde

A friend of mine asked me if I had any tips about wearing flats- she says she never, ever, ever wears heels. So I thought that'd be an excellent subject for my blog this week, especially as flats are so in fashion right now. So I did a little research, and these are a few guidelines that sort of 'resonated' with me.

In general, avoid style-less, 'sensible' flats- if you want to look good, that is. If you WANT to look dumpy, by all means- pseudo loafers with crepe soles are a great idea. Go, grandma! I'm all for expressing your own personal style, but I just cannot get behind the 'dumpy granny' look. Sorry. There are just too many really good looking, stylish flats out there to excuse the 'dumpy' look.

When it comes to pants, flats on the plain side (but not dumpy!) are the only kind I'd do with leggings- if you must. If you're wearing flats and leggings it looks best if your top is tunic length, too. It's best to keep the hemline above the top of the shoe if you're wearing skinny pants with your flats. If it falls below it just looks messy. Capri length pants always look good with flats. Another thing to keep in mind is to exercise great caution regarding wearing tight pants with flats- this is a potential land mine. First, when you're wearing flats your legs look shorter- add to that the fact that tight pants can make you look 'wider'- and voila! You've just added 10 extra (visual) pounds!  If you're wearing flared jeans or pants, go with a pointed toe rather than rounded. It just looks better. And no pleated pants with flats. When it comes to pleats, you need at least a 1" heel here. At least.

On to skirts. An ironclad rule here: any time you wear a knee length or longer skirt with flats, your gonna look all grandma. It's just the way it is. If you need to wear knee length or longer and can't do heels, look at kitten heels- you can find some really low heels that still look feminine, chic and stylish. If you feel like you're showing too much skin with a shorter skirt, then consider wearing tights in the same color as your skirt. Sandals are a different matter- they go with pretty much any length skirt. So, if you don't want to show too much skin, wear knee length or longer during the summer with sandals, and shorter skirts with tights and closed toe flats when it's cooler.  Also another option is almost flat boots with a knee length or longer skirt- 1" or more. Riding boots, maybe?

If you're open to a more 'alternative' statement, another option to consider is flats with a platform- you can often find platforms without much or even any additional heel and they can look great with skirts and pants. Also platform boots- looks good with skirts, skinny pants and leggings- again probably best with a tunic length top. These give you the illusion of additional height without the heel. 

Everything you put on is an opportunity for self expression- have fun!!

Happy Dressing!