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Friday, August 16, 2013

Less Is More

"Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made." ~Wayne Dyer

The other day my friend apologized for dragging her feet about setting up our first consultation, saying she hated even looking at her closet, and just dreaded dealing with this on any level. Probably everyone's felt this way about their wardrobe at some point.

The whole purpose of my business is to make it so you get a little trill of pleasure every you open up your closet, or even think about getting dressed. It isn't about adding more complexity to your wardrobe or further complicating the process of getting dressed- it's actually about paring down the excess you already have, and simplifying your entire approach to your wardrobe choices. My goal is to help clients develop a clear set of criteria by which to make their choices so getting dressed becomes a pleasurable, streamlined, almost effortless process.

There are 3 parts to my approach; first comes pinpointing not just colors that look good on you, but the top 3-5 colors (plus neutrals) that are the very, very best for you, and will consistently flatter your coloring. Next we narrow down to just a handful the very best clothing design lines based on your proportions. Last we translate your personal aesthetic into tangible terms- stylistic choices in how you put together what looks best on you, and the accessories you choose, all reflect who you are and what makes you happy. 

So every time you get dressed you have the confidence of knowing you look your very best because you're wearing your very best colors and design lines, and the way you've put them together and the accessories you've added are all about your aesthetic. And everything is simplified- better and fewer choices. You ONLY have in your wardrobe what works for you, on every level. 

Even if you aren't up for hiring me or another image consultant, if your wardrobe is out of control and you approach it this way you're bound to make improvements. Because whatever your style, whatever your circumstances, whatever is going on in your life, everyone should have that little trill of pleasure every time they open their wardrobe.  I know that in the grand scheme some consider this  unimportant, but in a life that so often forces unhappy compromises, having one whimsical, nonsensical, irrational source of pleasure is completely worth taking advantage of. 

Happy Dressing!