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Friday, July 5, 2013

Insider Scoop

"I love glamour and artificial beauty. I love the idea of artifice and dressing up and makeup and hair."~ Dita Von Teese

You're putting on your makeup one day and you notice you've used up the very last droplet of your foundation. You trot to the store after work that day to get more only to discover they don't have it. To your horror you discover that it's been discontinued. Nooooooooooo!! It took you 3 years to find a foundation that didn't change color on you or make you break out, and now they discontinue it. How dare they!!

So now what? Do you have to go through another 3 years to find the perfect match? Maybe not. 

I do love the internet. I'm a hermit, so social media is often my entire social life. Not only that, but I can get information without having to actually talk to anyone. Score!!  Ok, that was me showing my antisocial tendencies. Moving on.

When faced with the above situation you can turn to the internet to benefit by the experiences of others. And these others are often total, complete makeup fanatics- they're the friend you turn to when you have a question about make up. They know all about it- they've tried it all and thus know what they're talking about. They're the ones who've been wearing makeup since they put on their first training bra, and wear it every single day, even if they're only going to the mailbox. In short, you can read make up reviews. 

My favorite makeup review site (so far) is Makeup Alley  You sign up, (so far they've never sent me any junk mail- I've been signed up for a year) and then browse reviews to your hearts content.  I like that you can change the way the reviews are presented- you can choose by rating, by how many reviews the products have received (often they're in the thousands) or by how many reviewers would by the product again. You can also go to the left margin and choose 'top picks,' 'most reviewed,' 'most popular,' I also have the option for 'MUA top pics,' but I think that's only available after you're signed up- not if you're a MUA or not. You can also choose to read reviews on a specific brand. They've got it all covered, from every angle. 

The great thing about this site is you'll see high end, 'makeup artistry' brands next to drugstore brands next to high end department store brands. Surprisingly the really, really cheap stuff often wins out over the expensive stuff. You'll quickly learn which products are worth spending the money on and which are just as good in the $5 version. And people are generous with the reviews- the best often include pictures of themselves wearing the product and descriptions of their own skin color, skin type, hair color and such. They'll talk about what they've used in the past and how the product being reviewed compares. Luckily for us, these make up fanatics are SERIOUS about this stuff. Which is great seeing as how this can translate to some big $$ savings.

There's also, though I don't think they have as many reviews. And I'm sure there are lots of others- but I have yet to find one I like better than 

So if your favorite makeup has been discontinued, or you just want something new, or to learn about a certain kind of makeup you don't know much about, go all girly and read some make up reviews.

Happy Dressing!