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Friday, April 5, 2013

Fashion Faker

"Fashion is merely a form of ugliness so unbearable that we are compelled to alter it every six months." ~Oscar Wilde 

Every season there are 'new' trends in the fashion world. I put the parenthesis there because they aren't really new, of course- just re-introduced every few years to generate fashion news (and sales of course.) Sometimes, even if you love the look of a trend, it may appear not to have anything that you can use- the colors are wrong, the shapes are all wrong, everything about it is just all wrong for you. But if you really love it, you can try to find a way to reinterpret it in a way that works for you.

First, decide what it is you like about the trend.

If it's all about the color, then see if there's a different shade you can wear. If, for example, its too bright, then think about wearing a muted version next to your face and save the bright version for shoes, purses, even slacks or a skirt. Or work with the color wheel- find the complimentary color, and if that one is good for you, wear that next to your face and the 'on trend' color elsewhere. 

Maybe you like the concept- this season I've seen few magazines showing mixed prints; if you're intrigued but hesitant to explore this you can always start small- pick a print top and put a print scarf on with it. If you find you hate it as the day wears on, you can just take off the scarf. Maybe the concept is 'vamp,' and you're not comfortable showing as much skin as you see in the examples. So, show shape, not skin. You can do the makeup, the hair, and a pretty neckline and keep everything else totally covered up and still be a total vamp.

What about a specific design line- let's say mini, A-line dresses are all the rage- and that's exactly the design that makes you look like a pear shape even though you're not a pear shape. It may work for you to do this with a bias cut mini-dress- still technically the A-line, but bias cut garments drape more, hugging curves. The drape will show your waist, which may make the pear shape issue go away. To further minimize the pear shape problem you can wear tights or leggings in the exact color as the top, which will help elongate the whole look, making you look slimmer.

If you really like what you see in a magazine or website, but at first glance think there's no way it would work on you, just keep the idea in mind, and let your creativity go to work. 

Who knows- you may wind up with a look that you like even better than the original.  

Happy Dressing!