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Friday, March 8, 2013

Cheap and...Fruity?

"A banana is not a pistol. Still, please don't point one at me." ~ Jarod Kintz

I'm running out of my favorite hair oil, and I use it several times a week. It's expensive. This is a problem as I've recently put myself on a budget. (Me on a budget. Right. Me + budget= oxymoron.) Hmmm.

I went to the website where I buy it and looked at the ingredients, and decided it's simple enough that I can approximate this and save myself some $$.  So that got me exploring. I found all the ingredients online to make the oil for approximately 1/6 the cost. (Don't quote me on that. Math is not my strong point. It's a lot less expensive this way, ok?) I can also add any scent I want to customize it.  With some of these ingredients I can also make a really nice, light body oil. 

Well, that got me started, didn't it?  Watched a few videos on making hair oils, and of course there were other videos down the side of the screen…hair masks, face masks, and so on.  Scribbled down lots of recipes. Then it was on to Google for more recipes on face masks…papaya, papaya and banana, banana and honey….on and on the list goes. Most of the recipes call for mashing the fruit; I'm inclined to think that pushing it through a strainer would yield a smoother texture… Anyway.

The great thing is that the stuff I looked at is all natural- no chemicals, and because you're making it yourself, you're paying a fraction of the cost.  Some of the oils- Argan oil (Moroccan oil) and Buriti oil- I got on Ebay. Some of the other ingredients- jojoba oil, sesame oil, Moroccan Rhasoul (Moroccan red clay) I got on (I wish I owned stock in this company. I might earn back some of what I spend there.)  Also, you can make it as you need it, and thus always have 'fresh' product. With the fruit masks this means real enzymes and other benefits that you can only get from fresh fruit.  Nothing you buy in a jar from a fancy department store or a drugstore will ever be able to do that.

Here's some goodies for hair:  And here's some goodies for the face:

Well, that's all I have time for today- I'm off to try a papaya and banana face mask...

Happy Dressing!