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Friday, February 15, 2013

Like I Really Need Another Book...

"When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes" - Erasmus 

Because I have sooooo much space for books I just had to get another book on fashion and beauty. I got it at a pre-release price, so how could I resist? And I have to say, it totally lives up to all the hype that got me to buy it. It's called 'The Wow Factor,' by Jaqui Stafford, published by Gotham Books. Jaqui is a global fashion editor, stylist and TV personality, and her work has appeared in Vogue, Marie Clare, Lucky and Cosmopolitan.  She calls this the "non-fashion persons' fashion book," and indeed it is-she gives a true insiders look at this industry.

One of the first things she says is that it doesn't take a fortune to look fabulous. This is a concept close to my heart. It's more about making the right choices-wherever you shop.  She also makes the point to only wear the clothes that love you back, which is something I'm always going on about as well. While it's fine to enjoy a style or color, if it doesn't make you look your most fabulous then it has no place in your closet or dresser. 

Next she breaks womens typical figures into 5 classic body shapes with specific design line recommendations for each type, complete with photo examples using current fashions.  This section is especially good if you're new to this sort of thing- you know, her 'non-fashion persons' fashion book' thing. 

Then she gets into some real goodies- the behind the scenes stuff she's particularly qualified to talk about.  Remember what I talked about a couple of weeks ago- about how careful you have to be not to be seduced by the overall look and style in a store rather than buying according to what looks and will work best for you? This section will make you forever aware of the gimmicks and tricks used to get us to buy whatever is being sold, be it in a store, magazine or tv ad .   And after each myth debunking she then gives us a practical, real world solution to apply to each mythical situation.   

This is just the tip of the iceberg- this book has so much more to offer- choosing the proper underwear, how and when to shop for what, how to turn runway looks into reality for each figure type, age appropriate interpretations of trends, how to dress like you have millions, hair and makeup tips and more. 

I'm sure you can find just a tiny sliver of space in your book case for this very worthy, tiny tome…

Happy Dressing!