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Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Page

“The beginning is always today.” ~ Mary Shelley

So, I'm back from my little break.

In a fit of delusional goal setting, I decided that during my break I'd come up with a few new topics for my blog for the coming year, and maybe even write one or two in reserve. Of course none of that happened. Instead I organized- new calendar, purged and reorganized files, bought new office supplies and organized all my business materials. And, of course, I made a New Years resolution. This year I'm going to really start marketing my business and create a database, in case you were wondering. Not exactly fascinating, or even interesting, but quite the challenge for me.

I like to keep new years resolutions down to a minimum; one, maybe two per year, and only ones I know I can accomplish.  This way I have no excuse- I'm forced to either work towards the goal, or make excuses to myself as to why I can't.  On occasion these excuses are valid, but most of the time they're just garbage.  Anyway. I also have a memory like a steel sieve, so I'd never remember more than one or two anyway.

Even if you've already made your resolutions I'd love to see you make another one or two, if these aren't things you already do.  I'm sure like everyone else you already have too much on your plate- but these two simple suggestions can make your life a much nicer place to be.

First, make a commitment to always lay out your next days' entire outfit the night before. When you do this, because you're less likely to be rushing you're better able to pick an outfit that's flattering and appropriate for the day's activities and weather, and one that makes you feel good about how you look rather than just throwing together what you can find at the last minute.  That means a more relaxed morning, too. This can have a profound effect on your life. If you don't believe me just try it for a month. The boost in self confidence alone is worth the 5-10 minutes of effort in the evening.

Second, resolve to be kinder to yourself. When it comes to our appearance, and ourselves in general, we can be very cruel. You may not have it in you to stop all negative self talk, but what you can do is when you notice yourself thinking something negative about yourself, make a point to say something kind to counter balance the negative.  Do this every time you catch yourself and you may realize you dump more negativity on yourself than you were aware of. That awareness should help you start curbing the negativity in general. Life is hard enough- there's no need to add to it! The most important thing to remember about this is that negative self talk serves no constructive purpose whatsoever, yet can not only damage your confidence but also your health. 

You'd be surprised how much happiness these two very fundamental things bring- all at no cost whatsoever, and very little investment of time. And, of course, they have a wonderful effect on your personal image.

Happy New Year, 
and Happy Dressing!