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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Free Addiction

'There are flowers everywhere, for those who bother to look.' ~Henri Matisse 

A while back my blog subject was on ways to help define personal style for those who have difficulty with this, or those who just enjoy spending time on it. I suggested creating a style board and filling it with pictures of what appeals to you.  

Since then I've become a total, hopeless Pinterest addict. 

Now I'm totally throwing out my earlier suggestion of an actual physical board in favor of a Pinterest account for several reasons. First, you'll have almost instant access to way more imagery, from every imaginable source on the internet. Not only that, but it takes very little time and effort to set up your account, and voilĂ , you're up and running.  No buying a board, no finding somewhere to put it, buying/finding magazines or making copies from books… You can also alot small amounts of time on a regular basis to this with greater efficiency; as soon as you log on to your account you can start searching and 'pinning,' where as with an actual board you start by spending time getting out your magazines, cutting out pictures or printing out your imagery- not only is this more time consuming, it's also more expensive.  These magazines also take up a bit of space as well. Not to mention the smaller carbon footprint you'll be creating… 

Also- when you first set up your account you'll see an option for a 'pin it' button to add to your bookmark bar.  I suggest you install it. We'll get back to this later.

When you first sign up part of the initial process is picking 'boards' they offer; once your account is set up you'll want to start your own boards (and quite possibly eliminate theirs.) Lets say you want to develop a more defined 'casual' style; so you create a board titled 'casual style.' (I know, my originality can be mind blowing at times.) Maybe another board titled 'jeans.'  And 'shoes.' Now go to the search bar at the top and search for these things. First you'll see individual pins of whatever you've searched- if you see anything in particular you like, hover over it and you'll see the option to 'pin' it to the appropriate board.  In the 'pinning' process take note of where it came from- who's board. You might want to have a look at the board to see if you might like to follow this pinners board, or even all their boards. You can just click the image and look at the bottom to see where the pinner got it, and start exploring that way. There. You're on your way.  Also look at the upper left side of the page and see the option to select 'pins,' 'boards' or 'people' for whatever you're searching. Explore, 'follow' ones that have style that you like. 

You can start different ways; start with what you know and love already, and/or with what you are unclear on within your own sense of style. The important thing is to just keep going with it. I find that because it's so easy it's also relaxing. Remember the 'pin it' button you installed on your bookmark bar? Well, when you're on the internet and you see an image that you feel somehow relates to some aspect of your style, click on it and then click on 'pin it,' and stick it on the appropriate board. Most of the time you can pin; one problem I've encountered is pinning from Facebook.  In that case you'll have to download the image to your computer and pin from there.  After a while, as with the physical boards suggested earlier, you'll see your style sense begin to emerge. This can be quite exciting if you feel you don't have a sense of your own style. (You'll see you do have a sense of style and probably always did.) Or illuminating if you learn new things about your already established sense of style. 

After you've started following at least a few people you can log on and then click on 'Pinterest' at the very top of the page, and see what's been pinned recently on the boards you follow. You'll see at the top of the page, just below 'Pinterest' the option to choose 'following,' (this is what you get if you just click on Pinterest) 'categories,' 'everything,' 'popular,' or 'gifts.'  You can now happily 'repin' from their stuff, and look at the boards where they got their stuff. And of course you can search new things and go off on new tangents.

I've decided I must have become addicted to Pinterest because it's like shopping with an unlimited budget.  The bad part is of course I don't really have all the stuff, but that's also the good part cause I don't have anywhere to put it in my tiny, already bursting apartment. Or a way to pay for any of it, either…

Happy Dressing!