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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Beautiful People

"It's difficult to speak to beautiful people. No matter how much you pretend otherwise, you always want them to like you."  ~Doug Coupland

Ah, The Beautiful People.  They always seem to look great. Skin glowing, usually physically fit, clothes always flattering, hair perfect- even if it's not all in place, somehow it still looks great…

The Beautiful People are The Beautiful People because they have an entire team of people behind them who's job it is to make them look attractive. They aren't necessarily born any more or less beautiful than you or I, they just have advantages that many of us don't. They justify the expense and time involved in maintaining their image because they wish to be one of The Beautiful People.

They, unlike us, don't schlep home after a long day, open the perhaps dilapidated, too-small fridge and stare at the 1 wilted celery stick and 2 carrots thinking 'I'm just too tired to cook healthy tonight.' They have someone who thought out a healthy, well balanced meal plan for them and then cooked it for them. (And I'd bet good money that our BP didn't have to clean the kitchen after, either.) They sometimes have things like a gym in their house; maybe even their own trainer who shows up and gives them motivation when they have none. They probably have a stylist who chooses most of their clothes for them based on their proportions and coloring and current fashion- and I'm pretty sure their wardrobe budget will be a tad larger than mine. Just a bit. And that hair- they go to the salons I drive by on occasion and stare at- the ones with the 'if-you-have-to-ask-you-can't-afford-it' facade. They spend hundreds on the cut and color- and they have it done on schedule, too.  No letting your roots go because you're just to busy here. Not to mention the regularly scheduled facials, massages and other spa goodies…

Why, you may be wondering, am I wallowing in the inequities between the haves and the have nots??  Well, do you remember what I said early on- 'They aren't necessarily born any more or less beautiful than you or I, they just have advantages that many of us don't.' Of course this is true. My apologies to any Beautiful People who may have the misfortune to come across this blog and are Deeply Offended. 

This line of thinking leads one (me, anyway) to the idea that anyone can, within certain boundaries, become one of 'The Beautiful People.'  Ok, so you may not have the resources to hire a chef, a stylist, a personal trainer, spend thousands per year on your hair and even more on clothes (those are the 'boundaries' I was talking about) but I will point out that there are ways pretty much anyone can do the basics with whatever they currently have. 

To be one of the Beautiful People you must be healthy. Period. And healthy is not a size, shape, age, or color.  It's treating your body with respect and care.  It means eating healthy and getting regular exercise. You have to eat, so presumably you buy food.  So, buy healthy foods and take the time to put together balanced meals. You don't have to buy a gym membership to exercise- just go outside and walk for 30 minutes a day. It also means regular upkeep on the basics of grooming.  When you buy clothes make sure the design lines are flattering and the color makes your coloring look wonderful, and also that it reflects what you want your image to say about you.  You should be able to do these things without spending any more money than you are now.  The one thing they will possibly require more of is self discipline. Perhaps more than our BP has to muster on a daily basis, but there you go- that's life. Besides- self discipline is a fabulous reward in itself. 

Still want those spa goodies, but have don't have a spa budget?  Find a local massage school that does massage for the general public.  I have one just down the street where I can get a 50 minute massage for $20.  I can't do this as often as I'd like, (that would be every day) but it's a luxury I really, really enjoy. Are facials your thing? I know of a beauty school not far from me that does a basic facial for $20, and a fancy-schmanzy one for $40.  Is your crowning glory your obsession? Don't be shy- when you see someone with a cut you like ask them where they got it. Hair stylists will sometimes negotiate.  Keep at it and eventually you'll find a stylist who's great at the cut you love at a price you're willing to pay.  

All these things take time and effort- but what's a little self discipline in exchange for becoming one of the Beautiful People?

Happy Dressing!