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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Moving On

'There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.' ~Marguerite Blessington

When someone is happy, it shows. It shines through. And in my experience it's always very attractive.   

In last weeks blog I went on about how important authenticity is- about being clear on exactly who you are and what you want from life, and I like to think I managed to tie it in to personal image.  This is the next step from that- consciously starting to spend your time and energy on going for those things.  It might start with something as small and personal as changing a habit.  Maybe then you'll move on to something as big and out there as a career change, or big geographical move. Doesn't matter what it is so much as the fact that you're moving in a direction that gets you closer to fulfillment.  The magic happens when you make the decision, then break it down into manageable, do-able pieces- and get moving.

And what exactly, (you ask) has all this to do with personal image? Well, as stated in the above quote, happiness is a potent cosmetic, and that's part of it. When you're following what feels like your 'purpose' in life, your bliss, and living with integrity, each step you take and achievement you earn not only improves your entire experience of life, but also boosts your confidence.  When your confidence is high and you're just happier in general you're more likely to be self accepting. And there lies, I'm convinced, the secret.

Confidence and self acceptance makes you more likely to be willing to step outside the box, to try something new- in life, or your daily attire-  because you believe in yourself. It makes you more willing to try something that you might have been afraid to try before. And this willingness extends to making mistakes- not everything will work, and if it doesn't, you do your best to fix it and move on. Better yet, figure out what went wrong and learn from it, and you'll make that much more of a savvy, informed choice the next time you try something new. 

Going after what you really want in life may seem daunting- but when you break it all down into steps, and actually take that first step, the happiness and confidence it'll give you will make it all worthwhile. And thats pretty irresistible. 

Happy Dressing!