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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get Real

"It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not." ~Andre Gide

They say that when you are your authentic self you are at your most potent, or powerful. I think that's not only because you're being totally honest, and honesty is strength, but also because you're displaying a genuine faith in yourself.

When we are at our most authentic we have a better chance of reaching our highest potential because we're positioning ourselves to pursue our truest desires- and there is no greater motivator, and no greater satisfaction when achieved. When we're disconnected from our authentic selves we're more likely to be unhappy, and thus perhaps indulging in unhealthy habits that not only cloud our experience of life, but could likely shorten it, too. (I do like to veer off toward the dramatic and maudlin. It's a thing with me.)

The most important part is how it feels.  Having nothing to hide, being clear and honest about who you are and what you want feels fabulous; and not surprisingly, dressing in a way that reflects that feels just as good. I'm always saying how life is too short to not take advantage of the pleasure in looking the best you can; to really make this work it's important to be conscious about what best expresses who you are visually. I feel it's an integral part of being your authentic self.  

Being me, I tend to see the whole 'authenticity' thing from not just the internal, personal integrity perspective, but also the external, visual perspective. The internal aspect is crucial to self actualization, the external is a happy reinforcement of it all.  So, again: if you know what colors and design lines make you look your best, and have worked out how to make what you love fit within those guidelines then you'll hit an almost magical, emotionally gratifying sweet spot- the place where not only do you look your very best, but you are also visually expressing your most authentic self.  

And it's not just that you'll be happier 'doing your thing-' there are other considerations too; if you spend your life trying to be what you think others expect of you, you probably won't do that as well as you'll do 'being yourself.' No one else can do 'being you'  the way that you can, right?  Because you are THE authority on what it means to be 'you.'   Trying to be what you imagine others expect of you puts them in the drivers seat because they define what it is you're trying to be, not you.  Also I suspect that being inauthentic comes across to others- people sense that you're not really what you're presenting yourself as, and this could promote a feeling of distrust.  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot-!

In short, make your aesthetic choices based not only on what makes you look your very best, but also on what makes you happy- not what you think will please others.  When we live life from our truest self we have more to offer the world at large, and what we offer has more value- because truth is always, always more powerful than dishonesty.

Happy Dressing!