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Friday, May 11, 2012

Uniform Peace

"Realize how little you need in order to be satisfied and at peace." ~Wayne Dyer

Everyone wants to look good, but that doesn't mean everyone has the time, let alone interest in developing an extensive wardrobe.  Some of us want a easy formula, making shopping for clothes and dressing in the morning a breeze.  So let's talk about eliminating what we don't need.  Lets talk simplification. Lets talk 'uniform dressing.'

Uniform dressing is just another method to simplify your life.  It's putting together components that you know work on you as well as together with each other to create an easy, foolproof 'formulas.'  It's choosing a few options from the design lines that work best on you and sticking with those 'shapes,' in various combinations.There are a couple of different ways to approach uniform dressing.

The simplest way, and thus one of the best for the 'fashion challenged,'  is to pick a couple of specific styles of a particular garment. Let's start with tops; say you know you look good in, and like tunic style tops and also short sleeve v neck t-shirts. You decide these will be your basic 'uniform' shapes for tops. Next, you know you look good in wide leg pants and also boot cut pants.  You know there are a couple of skirt styles that look good on you, but you don't like skirts, so there's no reason to include them.  Ok, so now we have the basic components for a few simple 'uniforms.' Depending on  variables such as fabric, color, texture, and perhaps other details, you can use these formulas for casual, professional and even dressier outfits. 

Once you've chosen basic shapes it's time to determine what goes with what; the tunic top probably shouldn't be worn with the wide leg pants- if you have a 'loose' top, it's best to stick with a more 'fitted' bottom, and vice versa. (Of course this also depends on your individual proportions.) So, you'll wear the tunic tops with the boot cut pants, and the fitted, v neck t shirts will work with both the wide leg pants and the boot cut pants. 

All that's left is to find the various pieces in your colors, and combine them according to your proper contrast level, and also with an eye to making sure the line breaks are in a flattering place.  In other words, if you're wearing a different color top and pants, you may want to avoid having the hem of the top end at a 'wide' point in your figure.  Perhaps you have low contrast in your coloring, so you'll want to wear low contrast combinations.  So one option is to pick tops and bottoms in the same color and basically wear one color from top to bottom, which brings me to my next kind of uniform...

Maybe you are all about specific colors, and are less about sticking with particular shapes. Maybe you're more into spending some time on developing said wardrobe.  Here's another type of 'formula.' You can build little capsules with your chosen colors, or combinations of colors.  You'd still stay with design lines that you know work on you, (and that you love) but it's not about repeating the same style of garment. One capsule has variations on a certain color- say, green. Maybe a skirt, pants, jacket and a couple of tops that are all interchangeable- each piece goes with all the others. Then you might add accessories in variations of purple to this first capsule.  You could also have a set of accessories in another color for your 'green' capsule- maybe yellow.  Another capsule may contain red and black, with accessories in a third color, and so on.  

I'm sure there are lots of other, wonderful, and even crazy ways of creating uniforms.  Your imagination is your only limitation here.

Happy Dressing!