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Friday, May 4, 2012

Faking Up When You're Down

"In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty." ~Phil Ochs

A couple of weeks ago I asked a friend to suggest some topics for my blog.  One of her suggestions was the effectiveness of dressing 'up' when feeling 'down.'  Later on that same day another friend brought up the same subject.  I chose to take this coincidence as a sign. I think it's an excellent subject, and it's a big part of what I preach.

There are always those nasty bumps in life that make you lose your balance and maybe topple off to not feeling so good about life, or even yourself. Losing a job, the end of a relationship, death of a loved one, serious illness, etc.  Life can be brutal, and we all on occasion get the wind knocked out of us.  If it's been one of life's nastier bumps, it may well take some time to get your bearings. During this time just getting out of bed can be overwhelming. So be it.  But if it's a lesser bump, or a bit of  time has passed after a bigger bump, it's worth it to push yourself a little- the payoff can be pretty big, both internally and externally.

From the Inside

Dressing well when down has the potential to lift a bad mood, even if only a little. If nothing else it can make one feel less 'vulnerable' when already down.  It's always better to look in the mirror and see your 'best' self staring back.  If you look  in the mirror and instead see your image without attention and care to your appearance, it can demoralize you even more.   If you dress your best when you feel down, it's a vote of confidence in yourself when it may feel as if no one else believes in you, or that the world is conspiring against you, etc. At least you're on your side.

From the Outside

Maybe you've hit one of those nastier bumps but aren't in a position to take some 'down time' and must push forward with life as if nothing were wrong.  Dressing well during this sort if situation can help you 'fake it till you make it,' as they say.  When you present a good, strong image you give yourself some much needed support.  This is good strategy in the best of times, and an absolute necessity in the worst. Sometimes it's all you've got between you and the big, bad world.

I'm always harping on how important it is to remember not only how your image affects how you feel about yourself, but also what it broadcasts about you to the world at large.  When we're feeling bad is often when we feel least like putting effort into image, but it's one of the most important times to do it.  It's showing faith in yourself when you most need that, treating yourself with respect when maybe others aren't, and again, putting up a good 'front' when you most need a barrier between you and the world.

The uglier the times, the more important it is to bring some beauty into your world.

Happy Dressing!