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Friday, April 20, 2012

Seeing is Believing

"Looking good and dressing well is a necessity.  Having a purpose in life is not." ~ Oscar Wilde

So now that I've figured out how to add imagery to my blog, I've decided to backtrack a little and show some visual examples of what I've been talking about.  I like to do things the hard way. I guess that if I confuse everyone while I'm at it, well that's just gravy. :-)

As for the above quote, I have no excuse.  But as I'm not really introducing a new topic it seemed a good time to use a quote that I love despite the obvious hedonistic and irresponsible slant.  Though I can't say I agree with not having a purpose in life, I will say that looking good and dressing well IS a necessity- but I mean this quite earnestly (sorry- I just can't resist) even though Wilde presumably does not.

Line Breaks

In my blog from March 23, titled 'Derrière Delusions,' I talked about how important it is if you have a pear or hourglass shape to pay attention to where a 'line break' may occur between your top and the bottom half of your outfit. If you have an hourglass/pear shape, then you may not want to emphasize the widest part of your hip this way. Below is an example of a beautifully proportioned woman with a classic hourglass shape and a different color top and skirt on.  In the example on the left, her top ends at her low hip- so the eye is naturally drawn there first.  In the example on the right her top is tucked in to her waist; on both an hourglass and pear shape the waist is smaller than the hip, so this is visually a more aesthetically 'pleasing' place for this 'line break' to occur because it emphasizes her small waist and visually elongates her legs. This principle is important no matter what your shape- if you have a different shape, then there may be other areas where you may want to avoid having line breaks. 


In February 17th's blog, 'Tipping is Allowed,' I brought up how important it is to avoid 'vpl.' (Visible panty lines.) This isn't necessarily just about panties, but could also refer to bra lines as well.  Well, not just panties or bras-  anything underneath that creates bulges is not good. Below are two examples; one is of our lovely woman in a dress with vpl, and the other example is her in the exact same dress with no vpl. There's no 'manipulation' of size or anything else- it is the exact same image.  No further explanation is needed, I trust?

Inside Outside Dressing

Lastly, also from the above 2/17 blog I wanted to share a visual of one of my favorite tricks; we'll call it 'inside/outside' dressing. Note that in both examples you'll see a color- in this case a neutral; black- going from top to bottom of both outfits. In the example on the left it's 'inside'- the top, skirt and stockings/tights (or pants) and shoes are all the same; the jacket is a different color.  In the example on the right it's the same in that you'll see that again, the black runs from the top all the way down to her shoes- this time the top is a different color. ('Outside.')  This is a very easy trick that gives you the chance to 'showcase' a particular jacket or top that may be in an unusual color or texture or pattern, and yet the black (or whatever color you choose) that runs from top to bottom visually lengthens your look.  It's a sleek, sophisticated (and easy) trick.

As Oscar says, looking good and dressing well is a necessity. It has a profound affect on how the world 'relates' to you, and also greatly affects how you see yourself.  If you're going to put clothes on they might as well make you look good.  It takes the same amount of time to dress in flattering clothes as it does to dress in unflattering clothes...

Happy Dressing!